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EVPN do not monitor BGP connections that are under the same ip address and interface but on a diffe

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04-16-2015 07:37 AM

Hi All,


Enterprise VPN manager does not discover multiple BGP sessions between a router and a provider-cloud if both BGP sessions are between the same ip addresses.

We make use of NNI interfaces which run BGP per vrf. This can be achieved using sub-interfaces. A best practice is to use the same ip subnet on all sub-interfaces.



The sub initerface Se2/1.101 and Se2/1.102 have same IP address.

The three BGP sessions to remote as 1 are up

  1. 123.342.68.69   4     1     243     253   442127    0    0 00:39:55        0
  2. 123.342.68.69   4     1     224     234   442127    0    0 00:36:43        0
  3. 123.342.69.0    4     1  106786   50471   442127    0    0 00:32:57        0

Practically spectrum should Capture the above three BGP session.


I can discover them using EVPN manager, firts I chekc the GP peer table, In that I can see the session captured for




The third one with same IP address is missing.


Two sessions are modelled properly, there is one missing. The NNI’s which re-use the same IP subnet for each vrf are not properly modelled and BGP session monitoring is not possible. We require this feature to be added in spectrum.


Also the logical modelling is not possible in spectrum. The interface can be connected to only one ASN or cloud. If an  interface is connected to two cloud same cannot be modelled in spectrum



Only one ASN can be linked to the interface, is this case, the e-vpn manager has linked ASN1 to interface gig0/3.1322 (and not ASN2)


We require this two features to be added in spectrum.


Thanks and Regards,



02-08-2019 05:47 AM

this is a much needed feature to be in spectrum since most of the customers are using huawei devices now. i too have face this problem with customers and it is highly appreciated if you can provide an update near future.

08-30-2017 05:46 PM

I have up-voted this and also consider handling the second case above (peerings with AS1 and AS2 on the same interface) to be a must-have feature. If the BGP peer monitoring is re-worked I have a couple other suggestions. Please allow multiple peerings to the same AS on the same interface. While this is less common we do have this situation. This is especially true if both IPv6 and IPv4 peerings are modeled (which they should be). On a related note please make the peer IP address easily viewable. It does not currently show up in the alarms on the peer AS nor have I been able to find it easily in topology or other views. Thanks!

09-01-2015 12:48 PM

just a housekeeping note that I updated this to set tags to spectrum and mpls and removed the reference to ehealth, capc, and unified communication manager - if there is a good reason to keep these associations and I made a mistake please let me know - BTW I remember designing this feature with Mike Shevenell and love that its still alive and well

07-03-2015 02:22 AM

Hi Mo786,


The engineering team is still reviewing this. We will let you know soon.




07-02-2015 02:15 PM

I find this Idea a must-have feature for Spectrum, not only a desired feature.

06-01-2015 08:37 AM

Hi Nagesh, Thanks for considering the enhancement request. Do you have any update on this at the moment Regards, Mohan

05-05-2015 01:58 AM

Thanks Mo786 for posting idea for CA Spectrum. We will review this and get back with an update.