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USM Historical Alarm Searching

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07-29-2015 02:02 PM

I would like to have a more powerful way to find historical alarms in USM.  Currently the only option to view historical alarms is to simply "turn on historical alarms".  After enabling that option, it can take 10+ minutes for the historical alarms to populate (depending on the settings for how long to keep alarm data).  Once it is loaded, there seems to be a rather limited ability to filter for a specific alarm, or group of alarms.


I would like to see a way to set a query (including a time range) and have a view with just those historical alarms.  In Infrastructure Manager, there is a powerful query tool to specify a time range, probe name, hub, robot, etc and get back a list of those alarms.  I would like to see something like this in USM to allow an easy way to find specific historical alarms without loading ALL historical alarms from the DB.


08-31-2018 08:22 AM

Hi justin, the nas_transaction_log table contains all the alarm history


08-31-2018 08:19 AM

Is there a SQL table(s) that contains historic alarms or is it more complex?  I can see the table for NAS alarms but this is live data only.

01-25-2018 06:20 AM

Thanks Ryan

01-25-2018 04:30 AM

This Idea is now under review again. 

01-15-2018 01:40 PM

Thank you! I was thinking of doing the same thing, but it's probably good to come from someone else so it doesn't look like I'm sour and still whining about my same issue

01-15-2018 01:13 PM

Added vote

01-15-2018 12:42 PM

Because it was marked as Delivered and it went back and forth several times in this thread with CA not really seeming to understand the need, I opened a new Idea for this:


HTML Alarm Console - Including Historical 

01-15-2018 12:27 PM

Oh I see! I didn't realise this functionality was previously available.  I'm a little old school with the product and have always leaned towards IM for all admin tasks.


As mentioned previously in this thread, with CA moving towards UMP administration this will definitely be a requirement.


I'm a little concerned that this thread is marked as "Delivered".  Does this mean it won't get any further attention from CA?

01-15-2018 12:02 PM

Unfortunately yes, I am in the same situation, but the fact that it used to exist in the old UMP but got removed is more frustrating!

01-15-2018 11:59 AM

That's a shame, it looks like all the historic alert searches will continue to fall on me rather than users been able to help themselves.

01-15-2018 11:06 AM

No not delivered...................

01-15-2018 11:01 AM

No, it hasn´t been delivered.


You are facing exactly our problem, this is not a solution for a MSP...

01-15-2018 10:59 AM

Has this been delivered? If so, where in UIM?


I've always used Infrastructure Manager to do this kind of thing, but today a user who is not familiar with IM asked to search the alarm history for himself.  Eager to promote this enthuisam I searched for a way and came across this thread.


This is a heavily used feature at my company, been an MSP we regularly search for historic alerts.  This feature needs to be included in the UMP with the same functionality as IM.


Providing this feature within CABI or DOI isn't a solution, as not all UIM users run CABI (we don't).  


Is there a way to "re-open" this thread? Or shall I create a new one?

01-08-2018 07:18 AM

I'm surprised to see this idea as delivered as well. CABI is nowhere near a solution for this, even on a reporting base.


There's no report in there that shows alarms during a period for a certain customer/origin (unless I'm missing something). The amount of reports in there are lacking and creating your own is no meager challenge.


Again, a search alarms function in UMP is needed, like for example the event history search in Spectrum.

12-06-2017 02:16 AM

I know that artifact (and also Rick), but that is not a solution, it is a workaround. Monitoring tool needs decent alarm console, point.

12-05-2017 06:31 PM

Yes, I guess what CA is referring to is the CABI dashboards


There is a custom HTML Alarm Console developed by hirri02 ( Richard Hirst ) which seems to be bit helpful in a way to us. Give it a try and see


CA UIM HTML Alarm Console 

12-05-2017 05:31 AM


This Idea is marked as "delivered" - can you hint what the solution is and what UIM Version we need for it?

I just hope it does not mean CABI - as CABI cannot be a replacement for an alarm console.


thank you


10-03-2017 11:52 AM

Along with those I would like to see the same search fields as IM has, as I want to search by customer/hub name (as we use it as a MSP platform) by event type etc etc

10-03-2017 09:47 AM

Thanks for the reply, so if I understand correctly, in CABI you can only search on history if there is an existing alarm and in USM it is the same? There is nowhere in UMP that I can do a historical search on criteria like we used to be able to do with the alarm console, I have to use IM to do historical searches?


Thank you

10-03-2017 01:18 AM



 On CABI only open historical alarms can be searched.As of now, there is no plan to add support for searching closed historical alarms on AC/ CABI.

This can be use case of able to search historical alarms (both open and Closed) added in Digital Operations Insight (DOI) . Adding sudipd for awareness.




10-02-2017 12:16 PM

Has anyone had an update on this? The deprecated alarm portlet from earlier versions was so good for searching and exporting. Yes I can do it from IM but not all of my users have access to IM and the search facility in the new USM alarm window does not work well. 


A number of my team need to regularly search alarms and not just by last hour, last 24 hours etc but need to be able to search like they could in the older versions of UIM.

Thank you 

09-26-2017 07:45 PM

aggas01, this option in CABI permit filter with historic? I think that not

09-14-2017 06:12 AM

Newer UIM Summary dashboard based on CABI has the option to filter Alarms based on time range.




08-09-2016 04:16 AM

I wonder if it would be easy to build a new submenu under that "Show historical" menu, that should have at least four options;

- 24 hours ("last night")

- 3 days ("last weekend")

- 7 days ("last week")

- all the history


Anyway I think what most of the end users want to see is what happened last night/weekend when no-one were watching

06-28-2016 05:24 PM

The alarm viewer used to have the ability to export historical alarms to a csv.  This was fast and worked well.  We lost the feature when upgrading from 7.6 to 8.31.  Perhaps until you sort out a better alarm viewer you can just add this feature back.

03-07-2016 04:49 AM

Good idea, thanks for sharing & posting

03-04-2016 04:41 AM

You're right, even if I redeploy the oldest portlet it doesn't work in 8.4. I have tested in our dev. environment so, after this and unfortunately we must remain the production environment with 8.2 version because this is a key feature to many of our customers.

03-04-2016 04:33 AM

Certainly agree! We have customers which used oldest Alarm Console and search for historical alarms. Now since this key component has been just left out while decommission Alarm Console it's a must to have it on UMP.

This should be rather a bug then an idea... Thanks!

03-03-2016 03:14 PM

This is a needed feature as you continue to migrate away from IM. We are trying to get users to strictly use UMP but this is a key missing component.

03-02-2016 09:25 AM

Me and my team has't any problem to perform queries or even view the historical in the nas probe (IM). The problem is on customers who have access to the portal with their Accounts/Contacts and when they want to view their historical alarms. And we don't want to give query permissions to the customers, this is insane!

03-02-2016 08:44 AM

Hi Diogo,


I don't know if is useful for you, but when I need historical alarms in a fast way, I get it through the queries on the database. But have this in USM would be nice. Great Idea

03-02-2016 06:35 AM

Yes we customized the USM alarm view using the preferences and the appearance is similar to the old one.

The main problem that we got is the historical view, we are a MSP and we have many customers which are comfortable with the oldest alarm console, they can view the historical alarms in a time range, make queries and this is very very important for us (and I believe to the general CA partners) because this action, in the past, took a few seconds, now it's more difficult and takes too much time.

03-02-2016 06:26 AM

Hello, Diogo.

I'm afraid to tell you that Alarm Console portlet (Deprecated portlet) will not run with UIM 8.4 even if you redeploy the portlet to UMP robot.

USM alarm view is relatively similar to legacy Alarm Console. (I agree with you this is not the same.)

03-02-2016 06:12 AM

Now with 8.4 the oldest alarm console is deprecated, we can redeploy the portlet but if the USM had the same abilities to view the historical alarms (filtering, querying) this could be ignored.

Please, give to us some solution to this, even so just only developing this features and launch a new probe ump_usm.

12-15-2015 04:59 AM

And also it would be nice that the query which retreives those historical alarms into browser would even a bit intelligent, now it gets all the alarms in database even if you are in a group where is only one device. This behavior actually in some cases crashes the browser. Pls add filters to that alarm query and retrieve only those alarm that belong to USM group where historical alarms are asked for.

08-21-2015 10:46 AM

Thank you for the idea.  I've actually got this idea in my backlog for the updated alarm UI.