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File-Event: Unix - process "Event process script" if folder does not exist

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08-09-2018 05:18 AM

Problem: if you use the file-event unix and the folder you'll check does not exist, the "Event process script" will not be executed. In this case you have no possibilty to check this error in the same object because you only get an information about the error "error code '2(No such file or directory)'" but you cannot check that. E. g. for windows it will be processed correctly. The only possibility to check this is to create an job before or afterwards to check if the folder exist respectivley if the event runs correctly or check the report for that error. In this case I don't need the File-Event because I can also use a Unix Jobs to do the same and I don't need on more object.


Information from Automic: Behavior as Designed, consistent on all Unix Agents. In the event it is not possible to be tracked, File event does not validate the correctness of the path or parts of the path. This comes from the specifications of the UNIX file system. Please use OS Job to pre-check if the directory exist and continue the execution depending on the result.


Idea: please change the behaviour analog to windows and process the "Event process script" as well if folder does not exist. In case of file does not exist the "Event process script" will be executed too, so this is the only case that the "Even process script" will not be processed.


Advantage: you don't need a separate Job to check the Folder.


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Christian Böck


02-05-2020 08:06 AM

This idea is very similar to this one: EVNT.FILE failed whitout error message