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Enhancement Request: Disable ehcache update check for IM / IP / IG

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09-17-2019 06:21 PM

We can view that the library file for ehcache.jar will attempt a remote update check to the web URL

Challenge:   If the URL can not be reached, we can observed a 30-120 second delay during startup using the CA APM solution to monitor the CA IM solution.

To avoid this issue, an existing or new ehcache.xml file may need to be added for the IM solution.

The following research has shown there are four (4) methods to stop or redirect this query upon startup of the IM solution.

Four ways to disable ehcache TerraCotta Update Check 

1.  Create or update an ehcache.xml file and place this file in the root class path for the IM solution:

<ehcache xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="ehcache.xsd" updateCheck="false" monitoring="autodetect" dynamicConfig="true">

2.  Use a JVM switch for the IM solution and/or any java process that may have access to this library:


3.  Using a system property variable:

 System.setProperty("net.sf.ehcache.skipUpdateCheck", "true"); 

4.   Alternatively, may be able to redirect the URL FQDN to localhost .

OS: /etc/hosts

Request:   Update documentation for the preferred methodology.

A IM solution as viewed through the CA APM during startup and a 1K bulk load create user test


09-17-2019 06:30 PM