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07-15-2020 01:01 PM

We are currently not working with lower case names and when our Developers change this to allow Lower case names, it causes us problems.  I need to be able to control this field and make it editable or not via some mechanism that is easy to change, as needed.  We spent time getting our users used to the new 'long screens' for v18r12 and now one of my options is to change it back to the 'short' screens so that the field doesn't appear?  that is not a satisfactory method of handling this field.  I made a change to the C1SF1000 panel, but because I'm not savvy on ISPF panel work, it didn't work as I needed it to.  This really shouldn't be taking hours of my time to simply make sure that I can default that to 'Y' and make it so that only the Admin. can alter that.