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Input in ROC - Replace Tokens in Files action to not replace empty token values

Last activity 01-02-2019 03:20 PM
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01-02-2019 03:20 PM

The input boolean "Replace Empty Values" in the action "ROC - Replace Tokens in Files" is a little misleadingly named. The name suggests control of the way the action works such that it would not replace a token found in a file if the value of the token is empty, or leave the token untouched in the file. However, what this input actually does is control whether to replace the token in the file with an empty value based on whether the token is defined at all in Nolio or not. The description of the input is clearer "Indicates whether to replace unspecified tokens with an empty string."


This idea has two parts to it:

1 - update the name of the action input "Replace Empty Values" so that it is clearer about what the input does

2 - add a new action input that actually does what the "Replace Empty Values" suggests it should do. When set to true if the value of a defined token in Nolio is empty then replace the token in the file with the empty value. When set to false if the value of a defined token in Nolio is empty then DO NOT replace the token in the file with this empty value.