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CA IDM R12.5 SP13 Compatibility with Internet Explorer 11

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02-10-2015 10:02 AM



We have submitted a query case(Case 00017965 : Compatibility with IE 11) to CA support in order to understand if our current setup i.e CA IDM R12.5 SP13 is compatible with IE 11. And we have received the following information as per the CA Support:



From: CA Technical Support []

Sent: 03 February 2015 8:25 PM

To: K P Kiran (Consultant)

Subject: Case 00017965 : Compatibility with IE 11


Hello Dear Customer,


Thank you for submitting this issue to CA Technologies Support.

We attempted to reach you on the provided phone number (9341875994) without success.


Unfortunately to date, only CA Identity Manager r12.6 SP4 has been certified with Internet Explore 11.0.

None of the current CA Identity Manager r12.5 versions (up to latest SP17) has certified with Internet Explore 11.0 but are hoping this to be included in the next r12.5 SP18.


Else this could be the subject of a Product Enhancement Request.

The Enhancement Request process has moved to the CA Communities site and you can now submit Enhancement Requests as ideas which can be voted on. The ideas are then reviewed by CA Product Management for consideration in future releases of the product.

Here is the link to the Identity Suite (which includes Identity Minder) Communities Idea Page:[published]~category[ca-identity-suite]


best regards

Laurent Bekaert

Sr Support Engineer

CA Technologies




Therefore placing request for an enahancement on CA Identity Minder R 12.5 SP13 to support Internet Explorer 11






08-14-2015 01:51 PM

Thanks for submitting the idea. As stated in the support response, official certifications for newer releases of the browsers and other platforms tend to be done on the newer releases of the CA product. At this stage the team is focusing the efforts around the 12.6.x code-line.There are exceptions and these are driven by strong customer demand.

At this stage there is no plan to complete this certification.