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Allow longer xFlow work stream labels

Last activity 06-13-2019 09:35 AM
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06-22-2016 10:32 AM



The xFlow work stream labels are limited to 9 characters before they are cut off with ellipses.  There is plenty of unused room in the work stream area that could be used to extend the text.  I suggest the Hide button be moved to the right so the remaining space can be used for the work stream labels.



03-20-2019 05:27 AM

This idea has been delivered with the 17.2 release. Now Analyst can put longer xFlow work stream labels along with that xFlow Interface now provides the ability to personalize and reorder work streams using the drag-and-drop functionality.  For more information, please refer to All About Work Streams - CA Service Management - 17.2 - Documentation 

02-19-2018 06:02 AM

We are including this in our xFlow Analyst Interface Enhancements.

07-12-2017 01:39 AM

After the first wow-effect when ppl see the x-flow interface this quickly becomes one of the main comments: stream labels of only 6 characters or so is simply ridiculous. Many stream names we use even have the same beginning words e.g.:

- Open tickets in new status

- Open tickets in progress

- Open tickets ...


These are just examples, I realize we could drop "Open tickets" in the above, there are however many other cases where that would be relevant.


- Active requests

-Active Change Orders


(Again get that x flow does not show change orders yet but you get the idea here, having only 6 characters does not help productivity or acceptance of x flow as a mature tool)

04-20-2017 07:06 AM

This idea is being Wish-Listed for potential inclusion in a future release.


Before this idea moves to the next stage (Currently Planned or Not Planned), I would like to invite community members to please provide additional input and/or vote. Please note that Wish-listed ideas are selected for inclusion in a release based on multiple factors including - number of votes from community members, alignment of idea with a release's themes and goals, complexities and risks involved in implementing the idea, so a timeframe for availability of the idea as a product feature/functionality cannot be provided. Additionally, the implementation of your idea may not be exactly as requested and/or may be delivered in a new user experience.

08-09-2016 05:08 PM

Yes, currently IE11 may present undesired issues.

Working with Chrome or FF may be better at this moment.



08-09-2016 04:46 AM

Good Idea.


Since this is a new release and looking forward for your feedback via the ideas section.

06-22-2016 01:39 PM

Thank you Sandra, that's a good interim solution.


I also found IE11 displays even less text.  Earlier screenshot was from Chrome, IE11 below.

06-22-2016 10:53 AM

Currently if you hove over the mouse on the Stream item it will show you the complete Stream name.

Just my 2 cents.