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Avoid User Details Repeating on Certification View and To Customize Width For better Fileds Display

Last activity 01-16-2020 08:44 AM
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08-20-2019 08:42 AM

Explained about the 2 issues we are facing on the Identity Portal

1. Users are repeatedly displaying on the left navigation bar if a user has         multiple accounts in a certification.

  •   If a user has multiple Ids in the same application the user Id is duplicated once for each ID. However if the user has multiple Ids across application it is not duplicated   (In the attached document it is shown how we handled and displayed such cases earlier) 
2. Need capability to customize width for each field displayed on the screen  to provide more length for resource/description fields. The information is getting Truncated once the field reaching its limit.This avoids users clicking on each entitlement to see entitlement/description fields in detail.

3. If we Click on any entitlement in the Identity Portal to view entire Description, the Description field in the pop-up is holding  limited characters so that we are loosing few extra information. Increasing the Description field capacity in the pop-up as well will helps a lot.

Also attached a file having detailed Screenshots of the issues we are facing


01-16-2020 08:43 AM

Totally agree, especially on the second point.

It's really doesn't make sense that Description and other fields are getting truncated even if there is pertly of room on the right!

It must be dynamically adjustable and the user should be able to decide if wrap or truncate the information. This greatly affects the user experience especially in big certification campaigns where managers have to understand at first glance what is that Role for without clicking on each of it and opening the details panel. 

Right now it's just a total waist of space.

attached the screenshot as example