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SiteMinder: modify the SAML request

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11-06-2019 11:45 AM

From Larry at UTC: 

To provide a seamless SSO experience when users click the ‘Login with Azure’ button, we have to include a SAML hint to bypass the Microsoft login screen (we’ve done with other apps like EmpowerU and Mattermost).  Here is the article on what needs to be done in the SAML request:


When we looked into this 2 years ago with 12.52, it didn’t seem to be possible to modify the SAML request in Siteminder.  Do you know if this is possible in 12.8?  Should we open a case with CA support?

Justin (HCL Proj Mgr) received the following responses hence the Enhancement Request/Idea creation here.

10/15 Support to JL: I do not think anything changed since 12.52 when it comes to SAML config not utilization . I am not aware of any API that allows you to Modify the SAMLRequest itself , we do have the assertion generator plugin and the assertion consumer one but these cannot be used to customize the SAMLRequest  Let me roll the same by the DEV Team and see what they Say, I will let you know

10/17 Support to JL: Sent the same to our DEV team and below what we got: "We don't support the requested feature even in 12.8 also." So nothing changed even in the newer Release , please let me know if anything else is needed.


7 days ago

I do not see a drop down box for SSO or SiteMinder in the category filter.