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CA PC/PM :Add option to copy/move Dashboard created under My Dashboards to another menu

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08-17-2017 08:08 PM

Could you please add the option to copy/move dashboards created under My Dashboards menu to another menu ?



The same is very much possible when the dashboard is created under any other Menu like the Infrastructure Health or Capacity planning , it can be copied to another menu.



This is not possible with dashboards created under My Dashboards 


We normally create dashboards under My Dashboards and  want to copy these dashboards later to Customer Dashboards menu as an example from the GUI so that it can be accessed by other users . 


I know that this can be possible using the REST interface but  I cant really recommend this option for other users who has no clue of the REST interface or have limited access . A simpler option as in my second screenshot would be of help to us as a MSP


Optional : In addition , we should be able to copy this dashboard to any of the tenant from the GUI rather than going through the REST interface  


This idea is being opened further to discussion in the below thread 


CA PC/PM :Copy/move Dashboard created under My Dashboards to another Menu  


10-16-2017 03:05 PM

Thank you for the idea.  We'll monitor vote counts and consider this idea during future release planning exercises.