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Siteminder Test tool on Unix

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02-26-2015 07:12 PM

Siteminder test tool is available in Windows but not on Unix. Suggest to have Siteminder test tool on Unix platform.


03-07-2016 02:44 PM

Thank you for your contribution of an enhancement idea to the CA Community. CA is continually working to improve its software and services to best meet the needs of its customers. Your input is vital to that effort. The CA Single Sign-On Product Management team has reviewed your enhancement suggestion and decided to maintain the idea for possible consideration in a future release. The Community will continue to be able to vote on this enhancement idea.

01-31-2016 06:50 PM

Hi Sandeep,


Thanks for your update. Please create separate discussion on what issue you experienced with SM test tool. This thread is mainly to address SM test tool on Unix environment. Alternatively, please open ticket with CA Support to investigate the issue.

01-28-2016 11:07 AM

The new smtest tool with the latest SDK has some issues making it to run.

we found the issue happening on our windows box .

someone needs to really look into it.

05-21-2015 04:13 PM

Completely agree with JoshPerlmutter and Karmeng here.


Another very important benefit that we would get out the test tool being supported in *nix is that you can run your tests where your policy server is - locally - instead of clogging the network.


If Windows MFC is indeed the limiting factor, I would personally be OK even if any form of GUI around it is dumped. Just expose them via configuration files and be done with it.

03-13-2015 08:17 AM

Mike, please reconsider your DOWN VOTE.

I have only Linux Policy Servers in my environment.

I have tried the SDK for windows on my Company Lap Top.

the test tool DOES NOT WORK.


CA is looking into why it does not work, but the fact of the matter is i need to be able to isolate things to properly analyze. if i dont have this tool i cannot properly do  that and will waste more CA time with more CA cases as i have to send more to them and back them up when i can handle this fine on my own... if they provide the proper tools.


obviously i am in a situation where your claim that that a company issued lap top would work is not true.

03-12-2015 07:36 PM

Hi Sandeep,


The bigger picture is more on isolation testing. One of the example is during debug JVM problem in policy server. We need a way to somehow trigger the Java JVM used by policy server and Siteminder test tool is something that can help to achieve. Check following blog post from Mark.ODonohue

at step 1.3 Start the Java JVM

Debugging Java via JMX Console in CA Single Sign On (CA Siteminder)


We don't have problem in Windows platform but not on Unix. It will be handy if we have the tool in Unix (packaged as out of the box) rather than install the SDK separately.


From my perspective, Siteminder test tool is mainly for isolation testing purpose rather than load test. (There are many other products in the market do a better job than Siteminder test tool in terms of load testing ie: Jmeter as freeware and we can find load of pay load test tool in the market that serve better functions).



Kar Meng

03-12-2015 08:44 AM



I do not think you get it. There is more than load testing it is useful for.



what? what''s that? why would i ISOLATE an issue to one componetn? why would i want to find WHERE an issue is? what use is that to  finding anything?


Look at ERP Connector Java encryption fix in 5.6 SP4 CR22 for Session Linker and 23 for Siebel.

Why over 2? why not one? SImple: not listening to Josh after he did testing nor looking at the big picture till i think.. no i wont say who i think it was complained it was in the siebel too.



in any case why i heard and saw that issue reproduced the FIRST thing i did was say to myself "is this the session linker of policy server?"

i grabbed the test tool and reproduced the error there. isolating to the ps.

i then found the EXACT nature of the cause and gave a very small area to look.


when i was there and had the  subsequent siebel issue to push that fix through i only set up the ps.

why? isolate first since i already knew it was the same thing.


isolation is a WONDERFUL thing.


yes, for load purposes it would be silly to add that overhead, but i and many others use JMeter and other more complex load testing tools as they test the FULL set and not JUST the policy servver for that.


therefore releasing a linux/unix version is a WONDERFUL and GREAT idea as it allows one to do isolation testing without the requirement for getting more software.. in some cases they might need special permission to install the SDK and just for the test tool that wont fly.




03-12-2015 03:35 AM

Hi Josh


Just to add to what you have said, SiteMinder test tool is available on Java, I have seen the code and the Jar file etc.


But CA doesn't want to release that mainly because people will not use the windows version of SmTest tool even on windows platform.  :-)


Secondly because SiteMinder Policy Server is written in C++ and java to C++ Interaction requires the Native JNI conversion which obviously will make it a bit slower as compared to C++ part.  SmTest being a performance test tool this sounds bit ironical.  :-)


Last but not the least, the same point, when you can use the same tool to connect with your Policy Servers for both UNIX and windows platform, I don't see any point of having a different tool.


I hope it make sense.



Sandeep Khurana

03-11-2015 10:16 AM



I did the same where i am now, but this only works for the lower, internal only environments.

It would be nice,and i know when he left CA Ronnie had left a partially written and connection/isprotected working java version he was in the process of writing to Stephan. I dont know what became of it, but there's definitely been work in the past in support... so that begs the question, why can't development do this? support knows it will help them. support's already trying....


or was when i left there.



03-05-2015 04:52 PM

That's just the thing, the Windows machine doesn't need to be anything special.  I use the SiteMinder Test tool on my everyday company-issued laptop.


Just run the smreghost from the Windows command prompt to make your laptop a trusted host and you are good to go.


You can then test how the policy server would react to any agent and any resource.

03-04-2015 03:52 PM

Hi Sandeep,


Thanks for the information. The challenge is some of the customer don't have any Windows box reserved for Siteminder usage. The installation of SDK kit OR install Siteminder Test tool on Windows need customer to spare a Windows machine to achieve the objective. This is why I raise the enhancement request based on some feedback from customer.



Kar Meng

03-03-2015 01:06 AM

Hi Kar Meng,


The SmTest tool also shipped with the SiteMinder SDK on windows. you can install the SDK kit on windows and can connect with your UNIX Policy Servers.



Sandeep Khurana

03-02-2015 08:26 PM

Hi SKhurana


Thanks for your comment. The challenge is some of the customer didn't have any policy server installed on Windows. This prevent the customer from using the SM test tool.



Kar Meng

03-02-2015 01:24 AM



Siteminder Test Tool is written in windows MFC, so it is only available on windows. however you can connect to a UNIX based Policy Server through SiteMinder Test Tool.  All the functionality which SmTest tool supports on windows, is also supported when you connect to a UNIX Policy Server.


I don't see any point in having a new tool for UNIX platform.



Sandeep Khurana