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Deal with group cache updates better

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04-23-2019 06:26 AM



We are using CA PM for a lot of customers and are having issues where we are getting the annoying 'Cannot return group tree at this time as the group caches are still building' error message.


We have scripts which automate the deployment of devices into CAPM (as well as others) and this error is very annoying and I don't think we should be getting it in the first place.


Is it not possible to just leave what is in the group cache (before the update is happening) and make that available via the usual REST call? If you look in CAPM while this error is occurring, you can still see the group structure using the GUI?


I would prefer to be able to still make 'read-only' calls to view the content of the groups than get this error. I can understand not being able to write or update groups but read-only operations should still be available.


CA PM is meant to be an enterprise solution but this very issue sort of breaks that. I should be able to query CAPM at any time and ask for the groups that it 'last saw'.


I've checked 'Fixed Issues - CA Performance Management - 3.6 - CA Technologies Documentation ' and I don't regard this as a fix at all. In my opinion it breaks it more than it fixes it.


Symptom: If you have a very large group structure and you make a REST call to retrieve the group tree list, if any of the internal group/item caches are rebuilt while this list is being generated then an incomplete list could be returned. Note that there are various actions in CAPC that can cause these caches to be rebuilt, such as running group rules, adding a new group, etc.
Resolution: Modified the code to detect if the group/item caches were rebuilt while retrieving the group tree list via REST. If it is determined they were rebuilt during this time then HTTP error code 400 (Bad Request) will be returned with the following message in the returned body: "Cannot return group tree at this time as the group caches are still building. Try again in a moment.".
(3.6.0, DE352339, 00967870)