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CA SSO (SiteMinder) Support on Docker Container Platforms

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07-05-2016 07:38 AM

Requesting an official stance and/or platform support from CA on the use CA SSO (SiteMinder) Agents running on Docker Containers and/or any container technology.


10-17-2018 11:57 AM

The original request from the customer was for SSO agents running in Docker Containers.  This is currently supported, so this idea is being marked as delivered.  The last comment in the thread about policy server in container format can be followed by monitoring this idea :

12-23-2017 04:16 PM

Besides having capability to have dockerisation for SM 12.7, client would like support for SM Policy Server as well.

11-08-2017 12:46 PM

CA SSO Users,

We are conducting this survey to assess the level of docker adoption in your enterprises. Please provide your responses when you have time. Click the on the below link to start the survey. It should take less than 10 mins to complete the survey. Thank you for your participation!

Please be assured that your responses will remain confidential and will only be aggregated to help us align our development efforts, to meet your needs and deliver higher value to you.


Docker Adoption Survey 


This is strictly for CA SSO customers and not intended for CA personnel. 

06-22-2017 04:45 PM

Support for CA SSO Agents running in Docker containers is possible.  Instructions on this capability can be found in the CA SSO 12.6 or 12.7 product documentation under the section titled:

Use Web Agent in Dynamically Scaled Environment