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Enhance ROC-Create HTTP Artifact to include Pre-emptive Authentication

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05-10-2019 11:43 AM

ROC-Create HTTP Artifact will not work with Source controls that require Pre-emptive authentication.    This is a huge issue when trying to create a full Artifact package with all the code inputs.   A huge issue is with Bitbucket.  It requires Pre-emptive authentication so this action will not work with all our code that is stored in Bitbucket.   Bitbucket is now becoming and industry standard and this greatly cripples the ability to create a full Artifact package.    Our request is to add an input of Pre-emptive authentication that can default to NONE or FALSE but available when needed.  For example, when needed we can use the Pre-emptive input for such things as Bitbucket.     The action Download File (http) already has the input of Pre-emptive BUT we lose the ability to add it to our artifact package.    We feel this is an extremely important update that should be done to the ROC-Create HTTP Artifact so we can create a full Artifact package from all the industry standard inputs.   CA RA Issue Number 01338645 describes the details of this request. The work arounds presented in the Issue will not create a specific version of the Artifact that we need.   We need this enhancement to allow us to point to a specific commit in Bitbucket.