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UIM Maintenance - Probe Time Specification

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08-25-2016 08:31 AM

The UIM UMP Maintenance will prevent alerts but the robot/probes will continue to run during the time window.


To disable a probe, prevent from making a connection since the maintenance requires exclusive access to the system/software being monitored, the only method out of the box is to use the Infrastructure Manager's probe -> edit -> Time Specification.


The ability to control maintenance windows using the Time Specification is very limited.


In version 8.31, within the Infrastructure Manager, you can right click on a probe, select edit and there is a place to add a "Time Specification"  


Would like to have a scheduler interface much like the Maintenance dialog in UMP to set the time that a probe will run or will not run.


In addition, would be nice to have a way to define when the probe is not to run at all with a date (mm/dd/yyyy) so we can set a probe operational disable schedule and forget it.


03-02-2018 02:52 PM

is there an update on this idea?

08-25-2016 09:11 AM

I would agree with you if we could specify a probe within the maintenance dialog would also be nice but that does not cover the functionality of the probe's time schedule.


Maintenance mode in USM console only suppresses the alerts for the given device/servers but the probe continues to run and gather metrics.


The idea is to improve the "Time Schedule" interface on the probe to provide flexibility to disable the probe for a defined amount of time.

08-25-2016 08:58 AM

Maintenance mode in USM console is much more efficient, if we could have to the option to specify probe in that console then i think it would be best option. At the moment, it puts the complete server into maintenance and ignore all alarms.