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Better Handling of Email from Live Exceptions Traps

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09-01-2015 04:20 PM

We use both eHealth and Spectrum hand in hand.  We configured Live Exceptions in eHealth to send traps to Spectrum when certain conditions exists.  These traps come into Spectrum as Alarms and are easily recognized by the Alarm Title however when we generate email Alerts for these alarms the Subject is always from the Alarm Type and is "LIVE HEALTH: TIME OVER THRESHOLD".  Can Spectrum be improved to correct the email to reflect the content of the event/alarm coming in from Live Exceptions?  Preferably to use the Alarm Title instead of the Alarm Type in the Subject.


09-01-2015 04:24 PM

Hi Skip,

                Yes, it can.  You need to configure the dynamic alarm title to be passed via the SetScript.


Check out this tech doc: