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CA PM alerts impact on Spectrum devices

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05-25-2017 02:46 AM

When alerts are generated in CA PM and they are related to devices that exist in Spectrum, we think this alerts should be impacted on the Spectrum devices "out of the box" instead of working on SouthBound Gateway


07-24-2017 01:44 PM

Marking this idea as Not Planned.

07-13-2017 12:50 PM

As previously mentioned, the preferred method to get CAPM events into Spectrum is to configure the integration, which pulls events into Spectrum using a REST API.  Per our NetOps strategy, we plan to continue bringing these two products closer together over time to form a single network operations solution.


In addition, I'm a little uneasy about setting the agent_address field of traps that CAPC sends with the IP of a network device, as if the device had sent the trap to Spectrum, when it didn't.


I'm inclined to mark this idea as Not  Planned, but I'll leave it open a while longer to see if any compelling use cases can be provided for not using the existing, standard integration to pull CAPM events into Spectrum.

05-26-2017 01:59 PM

Not adding Spectrum as a data source would be an interesting use case to hear.  I really can't think why you wouldn't, but regardless even if PM did send the trap referencing the impacted devices IP address I don't know that Spectrum would associate that trap with the device anyway.  Not without doing some pretty heavy custom event configuration anyway.

05-26-2017 11:44 AM

The request is for those customers that did not add Spectrum as a datasource to CA PC (for various reason). The method of choice is then SNMP trap notification.

05-26-2017 10:49 AM

You do not need to use southbound gateway to get threshold events into Spectrum.  Simply go to the OneClick Administration page and enable the integration. OneClick will periodically grab threshold events from PC and display the alarms on the appropriate models.


05-26-2017 10:05 AM

I am not sure exactly when it was introduced, but the current Spectrum/PM integration synchronizes events from PM into Spectrum via Spectrum's API integration.


From the integration documentation:

OneClick polls the Event Manager for events that are relevant to a specified landscape group. This polling occurs every 60 seconds by default. Any retrieved events are then translated to CA Spectrum events, which can generate or clear alarms.


 For more information, please refer to the integration documentation here: 

05-26-2017 02:42 AM

The request is about SNMP trap notification in CA PC. Instead of the CA PC host address, agentAddress should provide the address of the related device (RFC 1157: the address of the managed object).

05-25-2017 03:00 AM

We expected a little more integration of 2 native CA products in the latest versions.