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12-06-2019 02:03 PM

​Please consider adding a DISABLE/ENABLE flag to the DST DIR_DATABASE & DIR_TABLE as well as to the corresponding SYSVIEW Datacom DCDBASES & DCTABLES displays.  This flag is not shown on the CXX Report and it would be helpful to be able to see it somewhere other than imbedded as an attribute within Datadictionary.​

This would be beneficial not only to the DBA but also to the users of Ideal and DQ programs.


3 days ago

Every customer views the CXX as a summary of pertinent information pertaining to each table.  Many shops, like ours, may have a license for SQL but do not use it at all as you are well aware.  Having this flag listed on the CXX report would definitely make it easier for the application programmers to be able to quickly see what the status of a table is.  If this flag was in the DST then the application programmers and end-users could have a display that they could easily reference in order to check the status.

Why should customers be required to run multiple reports in order to obtain related information?  You should be striving to make the existing reports and menus more useful to your customers rather than suggesting multiple reports be required.  I'm sure the Ideal and DQ users would find this very helpful rather than needing to contact their local DBA.
Bill M

3 days ago


The ENABLE/DISABLE status of an occurrence in Datadictionary is not passed to the CXX as part of the CATALOG process.  The Dynamic System Tables you mention, DIR_DATABASE and DIR_TABLE, are based on CXX information.

Since you are using an SQL query to read the Dynamic System Table, let that query also read one or more of the tables of the DATA-DICT database in PROD status.  The ENABLE/DISABLE information you desire is available there.  If needed Broadcom can assist you in writing such a query.

Since the information you want is available today, we are setting this idea to Not Planned status.

@Dale Russell​​