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Practical VS .NET Examples on how to Integrate 'Plex' functions into Web Pages

Last activity 03-12-2015 02:56 PM
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03-12-2015 02:56 PM

In the absense of an ASP page generatior  - It would be great to have better Examples/patterns  VS.NET/ASP  projects that show how to integrate the PLEX function calls and binding to Data Grids/Data Inserts/Updates etc in a similar way to the Patterns in Plex itself


Although the basic sample is a Start - for those who are not .NET Experts it would be a huge help to win over our non Plex Architects/technicians and decicion makers if we could give better ASP/.NET C# pages by simply switching the appropriate examples with our own Plex generated functions..


Including bound/vs Non Bound DataGrid/Paging/Filtering -


If there was a VS.NET C# 'Pattern' for each of the Patterns provided to work along side the Plex generated 'functions' to equate to the Grid/Update/Insert/Delete functionality


Obvioulsy having Plex generate the page/Project from the model would be better - but mayby this can give a huge start to the process.