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Password Synchronization

Last activity 02-09-2017 10:45 AM
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02-09-2017 10:45 AM

We would like to have a TSS command capability to synchronize the password/password phrase between two TSS security files.


For example -




This command would take the password/password phrase for "accessor-ID-8" on the local security file and install it as the password/password phase in the remote security file at the node identified by "CPF-node-ID-8".


The issuer of the command must have scope over "accessor-ID-8" on both TSS security files.


In addition, the ability to synchronize passwords should be controlled by a permit to an appropriate CASECAUT resource.


The administrator does NOT have access to the password/password phrase associated with "accessor-ID-8".


For MULTIPW configurations, the issuer of the TSS command must specify the FACILITY(...) and MULTIPW keywords.


John P. Baker