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Improve DevTest Installation Instructions

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10-01-2018 09:42 AM

In DevTest v10.4, we now have the mandatory Identity & Access Management facility. The installation section of the Docops page for this says:


The Identity and Access Manager Configure Database step opens.

9. Select the type of database you want to use for your user management.

  • If you select the default value, Embedded Database, no additional configuration is required.
  • If you select another option, enter the details for your database and click Validate.

Note: Using the embedded database is not recommended as an enterprise solution. This database is not intended for use in a production environment.

10. Click Next.



I suddenly don't understand how to install DevTest!


I presume I want to use the same sort of database that I'll be using for my Registry? If this is the case, my MacBook installation should use MySQL.

So, I'll select MySQL from the options.


It now prompts me for my connection details.

What should be the hostname? Does it need to be the hostname where the database will run, or is it ok to use "localhost"? If I type "localhost" and then log in from elsewhere, will it still log me in? If I use a hostname or IP address, and my details change (I'm a DHCP client), will it fail?


It asks for "Database Name". Will it create a database for me? It doesn't say. If I need to create one, where are the DDL files to load, what are the collation constraints, what are the character set requirements, etc?


It asks for "Database Username". Will it create a user for me? It doesn't say.


It asks for "Password". Not "Database Password", but "Password", so this is something other than the password for "Database Username", but what password should it be?


It prompts me for the location of the JAR file to connect to the database. The JAR file I use will be in the DEVTEST_HOME/lib/shared directory, so I'll be able to use the same file in DevTest without having a dependency on any files elsewhere on my system. This location doesn't exist, so what do I put here?

If I put the JAR somewhere temporarily, I will be moving it into DEVTEST_HOME/lib/shared later. The instructions don't mention what configuration file(s) I need to change to load this file. What should I do?


I'm re-reading the Docops page, trying to gain hidden insights, but it's not flicking any lightbulbs in my head. I think the instructions need some clarification.


04-17-2019 09:53 AM

I agree with Rick.  

04-17-2019 08:17 AM

Rick posted some very valid question/concern; I wish our documentation was more helpful. 


The requested JAR file is already part of the installer for MS SQL, so it shouldn't be asking for it. If I was to provide a path myself, the problem is, the "DEVTEST_HOME/lib/shared" folder only becomes accessible after the installation is complete... so customer needs to obtain it from somewhere else. Apart form that, if I plan to use MySQL, then the JAR is not provided.


What can be done for this Idea to become an ER?