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Netmaster - Add CSM montior attribute for HVCOMM

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03-12-2017 11:53 PM

D NET,CSM provides HVCOMM usage information. In Netmaster there is no respective HVCOMM related CSM monitoring attributes. It would be nice to have them to make CSM monitoring a complete picture.  


01-02-2019 04:40 PM

Added to NetMaster TCPIP 12.2...

Monitor HVCOMM Storage Pool

You can now monitor the HVCOMM storage pool from the CA NetMaster NM for TCP/IP IP Resource Monitor. The HVCOMM storage pool is part of the Communications Storage Manager (CSM), a component of IBM Communications Server. The output of the D (Display CSM Usage) command now includes HVCOMM storage information. 

After you apply INC03, perform the following tasks in CA NetMaster NM for TCP/IP to monitor attributes in the HVCOMM storage pool:

  1. On the CSM Monitoring Definition screen in the CSM resource definition, add the new HVCOMM attributes that you want to monitor. These attributes all begin with the HVCOMM* prefix. Examples include HVCOMMCurrent, HVCOMMCurrentPercent, HVCOMMMaximum, and HVCOMMMaxUsed.
    For instructions, see Monitoring and Diagnosing IP Resources and Nodes and How to Add an IP Resource.
  2. Set up any required alerting for the attributes that you added.
    For instructions, see Configuring Event Monitoring.

Originally supplied in PTFs RO99429RO99126, and RO99127