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FOKUS: agent groups in src and dst

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05-14-2019 05:38 AM

(German summary below / Deutsche Zusammenfassung unten)


It would be seriously good if one could use agent groups in source and destination for a JOBF.


After all, agent groups are (also) touted as the abstraction layer that enables agent server swaps without touching all the jobs individually. So it should at the least be possible to abstract src and dst with a host group with just one agent, or multiple agents in "select first available" mode.


Bonus points for one-to-many option (hostgroup with one host to hostgroup with many in "all" mode, i.e. "file distribution") and many-to-one (i.e. "file collation" from a group of hosts on a central host) options.




Es sollte möglich sein, Agentengruppen als Quelle und als Ziel in einem JOBF zu benutzen, um z.B. Migrationen durch Abstraktion der Agentennamen zu erleichtern.


05-16-2019 07:03 AM

Thanks for digging that one out. But:


He's asking for this specificially for FTP solutions, which is a special job type of RA agent.

I am asking for this for JOBF, which is a distinctly different thing (but I certainly wouldn't mind seeing both implemented).

05-16-2019 06:55 AM

idea already exists as

Use of Agent Groups for both source and target servers in FTP job solution

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