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Hiding/Changing pdmweb.exe

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06-01-2016 06:12 AM


it would be very helpful if there is a way to hidding or changing the pdmweb.exe in the URL to servicedesk

many organizations blocked this extension because of viruses on the internet

Thank you


01-22-2018 12:26 AM

Hello Jean-Pierre,


To add to what Michael said above, the Ideas process has been reviewed and some of the low voted Ideas like this one (+2  Votes net) will get closed out. See Revitalized Idea Management Process .

The general aim is to make sure that the items that are really important to the user base are implemented, and to draw a line under the items that in practice won't make it onto a development schedule. 


However, Ideas can be resubmitted, by creating a New Idea and voting in a period can begin again. So there is always the opportunity to put something back on the table.  Not likely in this case as there are many more "hot topic" items out there currently, but the option is there.



01-19-2018 07:01 AM

Hi marje12.

I think the Buttons are disabled , because this idea is already in status "not planed".

Regards, .......Michael

01-19-2018 05:16 AM

Are the vote buttons disabled ? I want to upvote this idea.

06-03-2016 03:23 AM

Hello Jerome, Idan,


You're right.


I'm voting up the original Idea which is the suggestion to move away from displaying the ".exe" part of the URL.


Note that there is new functionality for Analysts coming out in ITSM 14.1.3 called "xFlow" which does NOT present a ".exe" to end users.


It is a slimmed down, modernised version of the Analyst interface, but a whole lot more than that. I highly recommend that you check this out when it is available:

Announcing the xFlow Service Desk Analyst User Experience


Thanks, Kyle_R.



Also please see this for a way to suppress the pdmweb.exe in IIS.

06-03-2016 03:15 AM

Completely agree with Kyle R here on the general sense.

That say this is also not common anymore to have a web application that use a .exe in the url....

I don't see the point to have a config to modify it but will make sense for me that CA adopt a more common practice  on this.

My 2 cents


06-02-2016 08:40 PM

Hello Idan,


With respect, this is enterprise level software, and so there is an assumption that if there is a particular business challenge that needs to be met (such as not exposing a .exe), then your company internal teams will work together to overcome this.


Whether it involves re-architecting away from IIS to Tomcat to use the fix above, or putting in a proxy server which is best practice for this scenario, or putting in URL redirects ,or even changing your company policy for this one application, this is part of project implementation. A case of weighing up the benefits vs costs.


You don't have to try and solve this problem on your own as an application issue.


I'm not saying that this isn't a good Idea and that the case can't be made to argue and vote it up.


I am saying that this is a common implementation concern across many different software installations (not just CA), and that there are established ways of handling this.


Thanks, Kyle_R.

06-02-2016 05:13 AM

was not aware of this. Thanks Brian Mathato for the sharing must be more than sufficient for a simple renaming

I will still use a proxy in my case as this provide a little more like security, additional authentication and others...

and will also not be dependent  on pdm_configure/patches etc...


06-02-2016 05:11 AM

I have read this tech doc and we are using IIS as default web server and we can't change tomcat to be the default

we must using IIS and tomcat together.

so it's not helping us this doc...

06-02-2016 05:05 AM

There is already a tech doc with steps to rename pdmweb.exe:


Is this not sufficient?




06-02-2016 04:54 AM

Use a proxy server in front so target URL will be hidden for users.

There is many existing servlet/valve for tomcat to do such and more.


06-02-2016 04:19 AM

Redirect is not good for us because after the redirection the URL changing to the full URL with pdmweb.exe

and our organization blocked every URL with exe extension

06-02-2016 02:58 AM

Hello Idan,


Many sites don't expose this to the end users. They instead use URL redirectors.


See for example:

HTTP Redirects <httpRedirect> : The Official Microsoft IIS Site

URL redirection - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


I'm sure that other sites can chime in here on how they handle this.


Thanks, Kyle_R.