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Limit Message Size assertion fails with a stack trace: Stream timeout

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10-22-2019 09:44 AM

​we have some APIs with a lot of failed "Limit Message Size" in the Audit log. The Assertion fails with a stack trace:

com.l7tech.server.transport.http.TimeoutInputStream$TimeoutIOException: Stream timeout

the assertion fails because the client/consumer of the API disconnected (maybe because he is a mobile client and has a bad connection) or has no more connection to the API Gateway.

After 30 seconds the "Limit Message Size" assertion fails because of read timeout. It's clear that the assertion fails, but there should be context variables that tell why the assertion failed. So if the assertion fails it should also indicate why it failed: it failed because the message size was really to large, failed because of a connection timeout, so we could log it accordingly.

Regards PP​