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AWS probe needs to alert/match on list of values

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01-15-2019 09:53 AM

I hit an issue with the aws probe where the template cannot match on a list of different values. For example the RDS section there is a metric called DB Instance Status and the current way the template is designed it can only match on 2 metrics or a definitive range of values. 

The list includes a list of important statuses that need to be alerted on but we cannot alert on this b/c the limitation.

We need to alert on status returns of  5 - 11, 17 & 21.

There is no way to alert on this with the current design of the aws probe template:


The template needs to allow RegEx expressions so we can match on a list of different values.. As it is today we can't alert on this set unless we just use the >= 5 and then use nas AO rules to ignore 12-16,18,19,20,22,23


03-13-2019 03:55 PM



I completely agree with all these comments. The template editor is just generally difficult to configure and apply (and not just aws probe). If the some of the older probes, even IM use a drag/drop method or a 'select template' why can't the newer probes use this? Additionally the filter rules are not as user friendly as having reg-ex or other sort of filtering mechanism but that's up for debate


I think more development needs to be applied to the AWS probe since it's really becoming the cornerstone of a lot of organizations, thanks for this post



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Come on folks we need this enhancement. Please up-vote this...

01-17-2019 12:51 PM

Actually this should be for all probes that make use of the Admin Console Template Editor and not just for the aws probe.

The template needs to allow for more options to match on as the way it is now is too limiting. I found it for this situation but there could be other cases in other probes as well. Example vmware has lots of these statuses that we need to alert on.