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Disable Notes and Attachs after a complete state

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06-27-2016 06:51 AM

Today, even if we define

     - Edit Cancelled Requests = No

     - Edit Completed Requests = No

it is possible to add Attachments and Notes to a ticket.

Those options are defined on Request Management Configuration.



I would like to have an option to enable or disable "Add Attachments and/or Notes on Completed and/or Cancelled " defined by role.


08-31-2017 01:22 PM

PauloPedrosa - Thank you for the additional information. We will move this to Wish-Listed to be considered as part of our Unified Request plans.

08-20-2017 08:01 AM

Forgot to say:


There are situations that SC end users should update requests even after the Complete status. These will depend of the SC and SDM integration/definition


I wonder if this option should affect all the Service Catalog system or could be delivered to a particular service or option.


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08-20-2017 07:55 AM

Hi Carol,


Sorry for the delay.


  1. Of course could be some differences, but I consider this a normal use case customers had configured when integrating SDM and SC.
  2. End User using SC select services/option requesting something.
  3. A ticket is opened into SDM. Analyst start to fulfill the request.
  4. Here you can define SDM Resolved status to inform the customer (SC) that the Request is fulfilled changing SC status to Approve Fulfillment.
  5. Also you can define a SDM Auto-Close feature to close (inactivate) the ticket after, for instance, 16 work-shift hours period and when Inactive, no one can update these records on SDM. These 16 hours are the time the customer have to reopen the request.
  6. Afterwards:
    • if the customer Approve the fulfillment, the SDM Status go directly to Closed without waiting Auto-Close
    • If the customer Reject the fulfillment, the SDM Status go directly to Request not Confirmed 'reopening' the request
    • if the customer does not do neither the above, the ticket is auto-closed by SDM and the SC status goes to Complete status
  7. Any attachment or comment added on SC after the Complete status does not update the SDM ticket has the ticket is inactive. I the customer have anything to say about that request should open a new one.
  8. Letting the customer adding something to the ticket after a Complete status can be misleading to the SC End User.


Hope this helps,




06-27-2017 07:42 AM

PauloPedrosa - Would you please elaborate on what is happening in the environment as well as the concerns behind this request?

06-29-2016 06:01 AM

Ideally once the request is completed, any subsequent activities are irrelevant to the end user as this has been marked as fulfilled. Having said that, when it comes to notes and attachments, there might be situation where end users or users missed on adding that additional information might also be a attachment.


Hence it would be good idea to have an option that can define if they are allowed to update or not after the request completion in regards to attachments / Notes.