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Automatic report generation without E-mail by CAPC

Last activity 05-29-2019 08:52 PM
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03-18-2013 01:29 AM


This is an enhancement request for CAPC (Performance Center) 2.x.


CAPC does not seem to have a function to generate performance reports(PDF, CSV) automatically without
E-mail scheduling, while CA eHealth can generate reports automatically by a schedule job without using
E-mail and some of our eHealth users would like to use the function by CAPC in the same way.

SHIMA Takashi


04-23-2018 05:41 AM

This function is really necessary

05-03-2017 06:22 AM

Thank you, Wade.

I'll test your script, and I hope, this will be a good work around for the first time.


We need this functionality in the core product, applicable for all (power) users. 

And we need access to previously generated (scheduled) reports like in eHealth.

Regards, Frank

04-05-2017 02:02 PM

With regards to being able to extract the CAPC Dashboard pages (specifically .PDFs...) to disk, This perl code can be called along with args to reference which page, user-login, and other CAPC-url based options.  Comments within the code explain how to call this from scheduled .sh or .bat tasks. 

10-26-2016 04:20 AM

This function is really necessary for all who want to replace ehealth by CA PM.