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Open a new window in CA Service Desk with tabs

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10-22-2019 10:26 AM

Hi Community,

we decided to use Chrome as the new browser for our company because Microsoft will discontinue support for the Internet Explorer in the long term.

For a service desk analyst which has mass of windows opens it is confusing that chrome does not support an option like open new link in a new tab.

In every websites or web-applications it is at least possible to open a new window in a new tab with the middle button of the mouse or CTRL an click.

But that doesn’t work in CA Service Desk Manager. It should be possible to open a new tab in CA Service desk as it works in all other websites.

Furthermore it would be great if a general option to open a new windows (e.g. a existing incident) in a new tab would be available.

The avoid popup function is not the solution because it's really limited with one window at the same time.

As a long-term solution it would be even better if SDM had its own tab management for every new window.

Best Regards,


2 hours ago

that's a great idea.
I think it would help to get additional context-menu-options like 'View - in TAB' or 'Edit in TAB'.