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AWI: display informative error message if no JCP is running

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02-11-2019 04:32 AM

Starting with v12.2, the Automic Web Interface (AWI) depends on the new Java Communications Process (JCP) for some functions, e.g., object search. If no JCP is running , the error message displayed by the AWI does not directly explain the reason for the problem.

Figure 1. Search error in AWI if no JCP is running


Figure 2. Advanced Search error in AWI if no JCP is running


If you look at the details, you'll see that both errors mention something related to REST endpoints:

Error during XRequest com.uc4.communication.requests.GetRestEndpoints


To those familiar with the role of the JCP, this error message might give a clue. However, the error could be made more descriptive. Specifically, the AWI should be able to detect the condition wherein no JCP is running, and should display an

informative error message to this effect. E.g.,

No Java Communications Process (JCP) is running. Object search in the AWI depends on the JCP.


02-12-2019 08:54 AM

Agreed - Like you said i wasnt really sure about the error initially when i started with the AWI and in time it became familiar - Im up-voting this idea as i would also like the error to be more descriptive w.r.t the issue.