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TMSPTRS should check if the SYSUT3 Data Set spans multiple volumes to prevent invalid pointer error

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04-13-2017 09:14 AM

TMSPTRS copies the TMC to the work data set referenced by the SYSUT3 DD statement. This copy of the TMC is used to check for pointer errors. If this work data set spans multiple volumes, then invalid pointer errors are reported. The reason for this is, that TMSPTRS reads the first volume of the SYSUT3 multi-volume data set only and thus TMC records are missing. Typical errors are ERR40, ERR25 and ERR24 (for all the DSNBs that are not on the first volume). Other invalid pointer errors might be issued, depending on when EOV of the first volume was reached during the copy process.


TMSPTRS should be enhanced to check if SYSUT3 spans multiple volumes to prevent invalid pointer errors from being reported. It should terminate with a non zero return code or user abend and a related message.




Wish listed and will be included at a later date.


Mark Warren