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Adjust IP address of robots from the Hub

Last activity 12-17-2016 01:05 PM
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04-02-2015 12:04 PM

Right now, if a robot automatically picks up an incorrect address, the only option to fix the IP address is to remote into the robot and manually configure robot.cfg. Usually, this means the robot reports into the hub and looks green, but can't be accessed through Nimsoft. If the hub had the capability to change the reported IP address, this could resolve a lot of issues with automated robot installation.


03-10-2016 01:26 PM

Usually when you change the name or IP of the robot, the "magic key" values for the probes (found in the controller.cfg file) are no longer valid. So then the probes fail validation. You can fix that in Infrastructure Manager by right-clicking and selecting Security, then Validate. You can multi-select probes when doing this.


If you want to automate that, you can use the probe_verify callback on the controller. Then you also need to use the probe_activate callback to tell the controller to actually start the probe again.

03-10-2016 04:03 AM

Looking at the code you've supplied it looks like you have unbalanced quotes.

Second, the PU commands you attempting to run just sets the robotip and restarts the controller (to apply the change). It doesn't fix any probes that are in error state.

03-09-2016 12:08 PM

I'm trying to automate this in a Lua script with the following:


rc = os.execute('"E:\\Program Files (x86)\\Nimsoft\\bin\\pu.exe" -u <admin_account> -p <password> -H <ip_address_of_robot> -P 48000 probe_config_set controller controller robotip <ip_address_of_robot> "" ""')

rc = os.execute('"E:\\Program Files (x86)\\Nimsoft\\bin\\pu.exe -u <admin_account> -p <password> -H <ip_address_of_robot> -P 48000 -R')


But when I run it in the script it won't find the PU to do the set config. When I run them individually directly on the cmd line, they will both run but the other probes on the server stay in error status. Any thoughts?

03-04-2016 01:38 PM


That's great but not much better than remoting to the robot server and making the change. Granted in our case it would get around the change management in place since the change would be within UIM. Grey area I know.

In a large installation though it just isn't good enough. We need to perform everything possible within the UIM framework. either IM, AC, or UMP. All else just adds to our cycles.

I have copied your info for later. I'm sure it will come in handy.

04-02-2015 07:21 PM

If you can login to the hub the robot has registered with you can use the PU command (located in the Nimsoft bin directory) to change the robotip value using controller callbacks and restart it.

pu -u <admin_account> -p <password> -H <ip_address_of_robot> -P 48000 probe_config_set controller controller robotip <ip_address_of_robot> "" ""
pu -u <admin_account> -p <password> -H <ip_address_of_robot> -P 48000 -R