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Idea - Make the Rate tag available for all counters

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08-04-2013 11:30 PM

This was originally posted to the polaris community ideas but posting here for wider audience When using the advanced (Web Services) certification method for Metric Families, I would like to use the tag against any 'counter' based metric family attribute as this is more in line with the statistics practices within our Statistics organisation. In addition the tag should allow additional values. eg PerSecond. Having counter metrics plot points simply showing as a value rather than rate is bad practice as the values are highly dependant you having a perfect environment where data collection is timely. eg every data point is collected at the same interval. In the real world that is not going to be the case. A 5 min polling interval may vary between 5 min and 5 min 15 sec between plots so you aren't really comparing values over the same length of time. A rate however is the value / the actual time period (usually in seconds) so the plot points are always going to be based on the same time interval (average seconds) even if the was a variance in the interval between data collections.


11-10-2015 12:26 PM

Hi, this is an older Idea, and I'm looking to get feedback to see if there is still lacking functionality in this area. Please comment here.



Margaret, CA PM

11-25-2013 05:27 PM