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IPv6 Reporting for Applications and Protocols

Last activity 04-14-2018 09:06 AM
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04-10-2013 10:25 AM

-Provide break-out reporting on IPv6 traffic to show protocol, application, and host information in the same format that is provided for IPv4 traffic.

-Provide configurable setting to allow reporting on IPv4 and IPv6 traffic separately or collectively.


04-14-2018 09:06 AM

Dear NFA Community Users, 


I have updated this Idea stage from Under Review to Currently Planned


We are also looking for active Beta participation for this feature. If anyone interested then shoot an email to me at




12-03-2015 05:46 AM

Any update from CA about when this will be available ? Thanks, Veronique

08-28-2015 09:35 AM

Why is these even being voted on?  I'm pretty sure CA is developing this in the next release.

08-28-2015 05:19 AM

We've been asking for this feature for quite a while now and we've seen that the other products can do this so why isn't this feature included with NFA? We're deploying more and  more ipv6 or dual stack sites and it would really be useful if we can an insight into the ipv6 traffic.