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AWI: Standard URL schema for navigating to particular information

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05-02-2018 11:44 AM

In the Automic Web Interface (AWI), it is possible to construct parameterized URLs that:

  1. log in automatically to the AWI and a particular Automation Engine server using SSO, and
  2. navigate to a particular view or object in that AE system.


E.g., this URL:


will connect to the AWI server awi-srv, log in to the AE system UC4_EXP2 client 0 using single sign-on, and display the UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS object.


This capability should be greatly expanded to make it possible to directly navigate to many more pieces of information in the AWI. A standard URL format should be established, so that a user or application can construct URLs that contain the pertinent uniquely identifying information.


Below are some examples. (The system, client, and SSO-related options have been omitted for the sake of brevity & legibility.)


Open particular folder

Open folder with the path /APPS/UC0


Display a particular queue

Display the queue UC0


Display details of a particular task

Display details of task with run ID 3018144:


Display report of a particular task

Display Activation report of task with run ID 3018144:


Display report of a particular task in a new window

Display Activation report of task with run ID 3018144 in a new window:


Display last monitor of a particular workflow

Display last monitor window of workflow UC0.WF1:



The above are just examples. This feature need not be delivered exactly like this. What is important is that CA devises a comprehensive, consistent, and flexible URL schema that makes these sorts of capabilities possible.


08-08-2018 11:06 AM

Once this idea has been implemented, it would be nice if each view in the AWI had a corresponding ‘Copy URL’ contextual menu item, as proposed in AWI: ‘Copy object URL’ contextual menu function.

When you right-click on this type of itemthe contextual menu that appears should include this option
FolderCopy folder URL
QueueCopy queue URL
TaskCopy task details URL
TaskCopy task report URL


This would make the AWI much more user-friendly, and facilitate sharing of information between AWI users.