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EXEC SQL support for IBMi

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06-26-2011 11:05 PM

I am looking into automatically building Stored Procedures and other SQL code snippets from CA Plex for MS SQL Server and with a little more invention may well target MySQL too.


My main bread and butter will be in the IBM i space for the forseeable future and not having this means I have to different ways to target the different platforms.  also SQL access on IBM i is being aggressively encourage my IBM.




04-03-2015 03:14 PM

Reading again your article in our Plex Wiki, I noted the discussion for the first time (Talk:My BlockFetch dynamically using SQL - The CA Plex Wiki). Now I need to retry xml export following your directions. I'm comfident it will work!. Again, great work, Arni

03-12-2015 05:23 PM

HI Arni

I tried to import your xml from Plex wiki, but I get several errors, specially getting your sql view and scoped function. There are some constraint with the model receiving your xml import?

As you can imagine, I strongly endorse CA support for *real* SQL RPG code generation, but while it does not exist we are looking for ways to create sustainable SQL code, and your solution is interesting for us.


Jorge Ubeda

11-21-2013 01:08 PM

SQL on IBM i is already possible by using my Plex pattern called BlockfetchSQL.

If the CA Plex tool developers at CA need a way to implement sql access natively on the IBM i platform (for the Exec Sql statement) they can use any part of my Plex pattern I have developed which I call BlockFetchSQL. This pattern is open source with no usage restrictions at all and no licence agreement like a GNU licence. Anybody can use it at will, change it or use ideas from any part of it as they like in their commercial software.

Here you can read about it and download an XML which you use to import the pattern into your local model :

I hope CA will use it, but until they do all Plex users can use my pattern !