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New Condition/State for Spectrum devices

Last activity 12-17-2016 10:34 AM
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09-02-2015 04:31 PM

Create a new "Condition" for Spectrum devices/models that places the component in a state where all active alarms for the device are retained, but temporarily hidden (new alarm severity).  When this new Condition/State is removed, any alarms that are still active become visible in the alarm console and any "stored" events that are no longer active can be viewed via the Events tab.  It would also be important to have the option to manually clear any clearable "hidden" alarms before the device Condition/State is reverted.


This capability is useful in the following ways:

1). Situations where alarms/outages are expected, but you do not want to receive alarms and notifications.  Unlike Maintenance Mode this would provide a record of all the expected and unexpected issues that actually occurred and alert you to any issues that still persist once the period of time expires.

2). The "hidden" alarms/events could also be configured to still participate in event correlations, service monitoring, availability metrics and/or etc.

3). Know if Spectrum sees any current issues with the component before removing the new Condition/State.  Provides the user with the opportunity fix the issue and also eliminates unwanted alarms and notifications after the planned outage/issue period is over.


Finally there needs to be the capability to schedule this new device "Condition" similar to what is provided for Maintenance Mode.