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IG - PDI failure should fail connector even if last known good configuration exists.

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09-30-2015 02:39 AM

When running a connector with a PDI that fails, but was successfully in the past, the connector shows as 100% successful when in fact it has failed.

This is because the connector is using the last known good configuration to do the merge.

However when the connector was never successful and the PDI fails, it is showing as 100% fails. This is because there is no last known good configuration for the connector to use.


This makes monitoring the connector a cumbersome task since the customer has to go into the events of each and every connector that uses PDI and check that the PDI was successful.


Customer requests that some indication will be shown for the connector as partially failed (perhaps orange color instead of green color in the overview and some indication in the workflows list).

Apart from that, there may be the need to state if to use a last known good configuration or not.