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Allow Business Hour Filtering in CAPC Context Views

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09-03-2015 08:13 AM



Although the IM Tables in a Interface Context View display the Business Hour Definitions assigned to an interface using a Site Group, the results within the table don't actually apply any filtering at all.  The utilization numbers are being calculated on the 24x7 data and not the business hours.  This is very misleading to our end users.


If you use an IM Trend Chart instead of an IM Table the chart will still display all of the data but with a white background for business hours and a gray background for non-business hours.  That's a nice visual but it really doesn't help our network engineers make any business decisions about required network bandwidth.  For that they really need the summary statistic type utilization numbers to be calculated using our defined business hours (like CA eHealth does).


I opened a support case for this thinking that I had discovered a bug, but I was told it's functioning as designed and to actually use the defined business hours in the Context Views would be a product enhancement.  So that's why I'm posting it as an idea here, mark your vote if you care about business hours.


12-19-2016 11:38 AM

As of PM 3.0, business hours filtering is now supported for most views on context pages and On-Demand report charts.

09-03-2015 01:48 PM

100% agreed.  I ended up opening a support ticket for the same questions.  It was very disappointing to learn the Business Hours have no bearing on Notification Threshold Violations, Average Values, Rollup Values, Standard Deviation, Baseline, etc., etc.


I don't find this feature to be very useful at all in its current state.