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Inactive Devices monitoring report for last 30 minutes

Last activity 05-31-2019 03:54 PM
Ashok Rao Seemaladari's profile image
01-25-2019 12:34 AM

On the IM SAAS portal dashboard, one widget showing actively monitored device (last 30 min) out of all discovered devices. Our end customer requires to generate report for devices those are not actively monitored in last 30 min to take necessary corrective actions.


Attached screenshot for total number of devices discovered and number of devices in monitoring.



02-12-2019 06:47 AM

If the question can be rephrased as: show me the devices without QOS entrie sfor the last xx hours, list them, following sql query can perhaps help.  The next step is to put this in a Jasper report:


SELECT sd.qos,, sd.probe, ss.samplevalue,  ss.sampletime,origin, robot, source
FROM S_QOS_SNAPSHOT ss with(nolock)
JOIN S_QOS_DATA sd with(nolock) on ss.table_id = sd.table_id
where ss.sampletime < DATEADD(hh, -240, GETDATE())
order by sd.qos,