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Enhance vmare probe messages

Last activity 05-30-2018 09:20 AM
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05-30-2018 09:20 AM

Currently, when using admin console, default messages for all vcenter alarms and events are like "The monitor xyz.Alarm is outside exepected limits (3>=3)" or "The monitor xyz.Event is outside exepected limits (3>=3)". In probe there is already an alarmWarning and eventWarning messages ready and them should be default set up for those checkpoints, that tells us that "alarm/event is received : and here comes the actual alarm/event"


And in probe currently, both in admin console and in IM configs there are only alarmWarning and eventWarning. When using IM it is pretty simple though add those alarmError/eventError messages to get more critical alarms into UIM. But when using admin console then that is pretty hard manual work.


So, now when you go and deploy the MCS interface for vmware monitoring, please

a) make sure that you have also more critical levels of messages ready for alarms and events

b) make sure that those messages are the defaults for alarm and event checkpoints


This current way is kind of nightmare to add/change messages when using admin console.