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Add support Time over Threshold to CDM like eHealth for monitoring servers in a corporate environme

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05-08-2015 03:42 PM

CDM currently supports static monitoring, Dynamic Time over Threshold and time to Threshold monitoring but does not support Time over Threshold.  It would be nice to be able to transfer some of my alarm rules from eHealth to UIM like alarm if during the last 30 minutes the CPU breaches 85% for any 10 minutes.  This feature is talked about in the UIM manuals when the discussion comes to Time over Threshold but CDM does not support time over threshold, just Dynamic Time over Threshold, so on a system that's normally running 60% CPU, sometimes less, sometimes more, I wouldn't even know where to begin to set an alarm threshold that would alarm when my threshold and the baseline put together added up to 85%.  I had opened a case with support thinking I was missing the support in CDM for Time over Threshold and the response was that it did not exist, but did exist in some other probes and that I should open an idea recommending this basic monitoring ability I've been using for years in eHealth be added as a NEW feature to UIM.  Here's the response I got with list of probes where Time over Threshold without requiring knowing each baseline is available:


“Developer responded. CDM does not support static TOT.

Here is list of probes that support centralized static threshold:-

1.       AWS
2.       ICMP
3.       Azure
4.       WMQ
5.       Google_apps
6.       Salesforce
7.       Clariion (2.00)
8.       HyperV (3.00)
9.       Dirscan (TM)
10.   Ntevl (Key Change in CFG)
11.   Logmon (TM)
12.   Nperf (TM)
13.   Ntservices (Key changes in CFG)

First 8 are PF probes which support this functionality by default. Ntevl and Ntservices can be enabled by changes key in CFG and rest need TM to enable this centralized static threshold.

CDM does not support centralized static thresholds”


06-14-2018 05:41 AM

Hi Kurt,


I see this idea is in planned state. Do we have any update on this?




09-07-2016 02:46 PM

I just finished a support case which I opened because I couldn't get this functionality. The documentation even indicated that this should work. (Which is why I opened the case. I thought to myself, "well, self, this product doesn't include MANY things it should, but the documentation clearly says it does this one thing, and I followed the instructions, and it won't work, so I guess I'll open another case with CA...)


The resolution to the case was that CA would update the documentation so that it would not be misleading (down right wrong, and yes, this means that the misleading documentation is gone now, so I sure hope my boss believes me...)


As part of the "resolution" they also said, 

" If you need this functionality, please create an idea on the community forum as a feature request."

Turns out that this idea is submitted already and has been "planned"


Just want to know how many years the wait will be. Please please please provide us with an update to let us know what progress was made in the past 18+ months with this feature that is planned. Are we close yet?


Any update will be helpful. Thank you.

05-12-2015 04:29 PM

just to confirm Jim's message - CDM is on the planned list of probes to convert to using BLT for this new advanced threshold setting.  In the online UIM archive of probes you'll notice the probe called threshold_migrator - this probe currently supports an initial list of probes that it can convert from traditional CFG file settings to using central services like BLT.  Check the release notes for upcoming releases of this probe for info about new probe support, including (soon) CDM


Kurt Spence

UIM Product Owner, monitoring services

05-12-2015 11:23 AM

Excellent, glad to hear it's a planned enhancement. Having been a big eHealth user where we used Static TOT, the feature will definitely be welcome in as many probes as possible but definitely the CDM probe.

05-11-2015 03:49 PM

Thank you dkusnier for you idea.


We are working toward support for static Time over Threshold (or "ToT" for short) rules in all probes.  Time over Threshold is integral to the Baseline and Threshold engine in UIM (or "BLT" for short).  The BLT supports static and dynamic ToT rules, but many probes had defined their own static-threshold functionality before the BLT was introduced.


Therefore, the probes that have their own static thresholds will need to be modified to relinquish that functionality over to the BLT, like they already do with respect to dynamic thresholds.  The list of probes you provided are those probes that have already been converted.  Thus, they are the probes that also support static thresholds.  the CDM probe is on the list of probes to be converted.


Jim Perkins

Product Owner: Event rules, like the Time over Threshold rule.

05-08-2015 03:47 PM

This is a basic function of ToT that is included in other probes - I really surprised it isn't a default in the CDM probe!!!