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Better information back to process callers

Last activity 05-31-2019 03:47 PM
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07-13-2018 11:34 AM

We are calling RA processes from CA Jenkins plugin and from Continuous Delivery Directors release boards Deployment tasks. In both cases  the information provided when process fails is very minimalistic when we use ROC - Fail deployment step. 


Status of deployment [testapp 3.8.64] on environment [int] : Failed. Stage Status: Current Stage: Post-Deployment, Current stage Status: Failed, Description: 100% Failed Build step 'Run RA Deployment' marked build as failure Finished: FAILURE




Messages like these force our release pipeline users to help for experts help finding out what went wrong . Our approach is that ROC is not opened for all users because we feel that it should handle the automation automatically and there should not be a need for ordinary users to get in to yet another tool to find out whats wrong.

In our case pause on failure-flags on actions are not the way to go. We don't want to do the manual work stopping processes, especially when in most of the cases error cannot really be removed on the fly but instead needs actions from the deployed applications developers.


Proposing following changes:

ROC- Fail deployment step

  • New String input field "message" for which we can set the message to be displayed to the end users on both Jenkins job and CDD.
  • The message field should render correctly when viewed on CDD even if it contains a html link tag.