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USS CATALOG / SDM Ticket integration improvements & Catalog Approvals

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03-31-2016 03:09 AM

Hi All,


We have a problem that we identified that ffects us around the USS/Catalog and SDM ticket integration for "Report an Issue" and any other offerings that create a ticket in Servicedesk


Effectively we identified a short fall in the way the integration is setup and the "Request Manager" role in Catalog is used.


In order for the SDM -> Catalog request integration to run successfully when you resolve a ticket on SDM and have the integration fulfill/close the corresponding USS/Catalog Request the analyst who does the resolution on SDM needs to be in the "Request Manager" role on Catalog. If the analyst resolving the ticket is a "End user" on Catalog but a "Analyst" on SDM and he resolves the SDM call the corresponding Catalog call will not be fulfilled/closed due to the user not having the Request Manager "Proxy Action" access. This is all fine and well and works by design.


This however leads to a massive problem, if we give all of our SDM Analysts the "Request Manager" role on Catalog as they would need in order to get the "Proxy Action" access to be able to resolve a call on SDM and have Catalog successfully fulfill/close a request on Catalog then we are also giving all of our SDM Analysts the ability to override any other action or approval on Catalog as well. This means that any low level analyst/request manager even in a call center could effectively override a pending approval task that has been assigned to a Manager, Procurement or any other person which they should definitely not be able to do.


We need a way that will allow an analyst to resolve a ticket in SDM and then the corresponding ticket in Catalog should be updated to resolved/closed. All of this is possible but the current role where you can do this also allow you to approve requests on behalf of other users and your own request and this is where the problem lies.


We don't want users to approve requests for themselves or behalf of other users. Approvals should follow the approval process.


We suggest either a new intermediary role which we can give to our SDM analysts which will allow their resolution of tickets on SDM to be pushed to Catalog but not allow them to override any other users pending actions or approvals or a change to the way that the integration works to allow for this.


From our discussions with other CA customers it seems this problem is not unique to us and affects all customers who are trying to use USS/Catalog and SDM integration and also use Catalog for approvals via ITPAM approval processes and pending tasks actions.


Please vote up if you feel CA should introduce a solution for this





01-04-2019 12:59 AM

This will be taken care in our new business user interface (Service Point) which would be an enhancement/replacement to our current USS offering.

06-06-2017 12:29 AM

Hi David, 


I totally agree. Unfortunately we were driven to improve/recreate many aspects of the native spel based integration and create new PAM components to meet out business needs.


Hopefully there will be enhanced ootb integration capabilities going forward in the upcoming releases




06-05-2017 12:32 PM



Sounds like you have put in a lot of time and effort in getting your solution in place. However, I still believe that SDM and SC need tighter native integration. I would expect PAM processes for something outside of calls between a SC generated request and SDM. For example, error notification and handling, or when a process has been bypassed. For a case where the user puts in a request there should be a native call that goes and creates the SDM ticket without having to use PAM and vice versa when action is taken on the ticket. Moreover, if SM is to be an end to end solution there needs to be a higher focus on native calls between the tools. Having to invent processes for a total CA solution seems to place the onus on the customer to customize a solution. 

04-26-2017 06:47 AM

Hi Everyone,


With regards to SDM Properties pulling through to Catalog/USS  I have developed a fully working and fully dynamic integration on Catalog Forms / USS to dynamically retrieve and display the category properties from CA SDM on to the catalog/uss forms to the end user. 


I display a list of desired, or all categories to the end user in a drop down / select list - using the ootb ca_sdm_category field/lookup but with a modified report function.


When the user selects a category from the list then using Catalog Reports and some javascript in the form i go and fetch all the properties associated to that category, I determine the sequence and the type of proeprty (text, Validation Rule/Drop down etc) and I dynamically display the properties including all validation rule values / drop down values to the end user to populate. 


If the user then selects a different category from the drop down list then all the properties clear/reset and the process starts over. 


When the user submits the ticket then using a PAM workflow i log the R/I/P in CA SDM and populate all of the properties.


All in all this is a working solution which can be very quickly duplicated/expanded to make displaying SDM category properties dynamically and relaibly to the the end users on USS to complete, irrespective of the category and how many categories are in the list to the user.

02-06-2017 01:33 PM

This idea is being Wish-Listed for potential inclusion in a future release.


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04-05-2016 02:26 AM

Agree that we need a more granular way of settings security permissionsin catalog

I would like to see something similar to what we have in SDM with roles and functional access