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Weblogic Queue as Experience

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07-12-2019 07:13 AM


We have a weblogic environment with more or less like this illustration. 

APM agent is installed on both instance, FE and BE. The queue is not considered as experience in map view, even though it is considered as frontend on BE instance in web view. So if any issue happened on BE instance, it is not detected as problem or anomaly.
We have confirmed to APM support, support said it is expected behavior from current product design. So, we make this enhancement idea to make weblogic queue can be considered as experience.

It would be very helpful for application owner of the weblogic app to detect problems quickly.


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Dear Hanna,

thank you for your feedback. At this moment, node is marked as experience node only at the place where transaction starts. So "middle part" / Queue is not marked this way, because its not at the beginning of the transaction.

We are working on an ability to allow transaction to start from any node, so you should be able to create Experience Card from your Queue in the future.

with best regards
Tomas Zeman

AI Ops Product Management