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IMAG - Auto resubmit failed tasks

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03-05-2016 10:33 AM

In IDM during user create, modify, or delete process sometimes the process fails due to transactional errors or network issue or timeout issue where the input data is correct.

In order to re-submit the tasks we have to go to View Submitted Task. Open the failed event and resubmit it. The event gets processed and goes into completed state, since the data and configuration wise everything is correct.

We would like a way by which we can automate the process of resubmitting failed tasks in a specified counted loop.

Something like the cleanup submitted tasks that could search the task persistence database for failed tasks and based on configuration perform a retry and display that retry number in the task record of the task persistence database.


03-22-2016 11:07 AM

I'm glad there's some effort looking at this.


Every. Single. Customer. That Services works with encounters the issue of what to do about failed tasks, and how to resubmit them. I know the problem space is complex, because the tasks fail for various reasons. The use case of a task or even failing because of a network timeout or transactional error - we should have some more robust re-try logic. It'd also be good to somehow queue those up for administrator attention and then resubmission when the issue is resolved.


I know it's a lot of work to address this issue.


But, it impacts. Every. Single. Customer.

03-22-2016 10:59 AM

Hi William,

Currently there is no OOTB solution for that, what you can do is write a script (Kettle for example) that pulls all the failed tasks from the DB and send a resubmit web service call back into the IM.

You will have to create a supporting DB table so you can count your re-submission attempts, or you can filter out tasks that are still in failed status over a week - that case you will resubmit only the last weeks failures.

Just an idea.



Chen Rayman

03-18-2016 12:40 PM

Thanks for submitting the idea. The use case is clear. The idea will be reviewed as part of a broader reevaluation of the provisioning server and core task engine architecture the product team is conducting. However, at present the product team does not plan to address this request as individual enhancement for the existing architecture.