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Add Ad samAccountName to the Account List screen definition

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07-16-2015 11:31 AM

Identity Manager R12.6 SP4


I copied the Default Account List screen definition and modified it so that the following fields appear in the search results:


  • User Friendly Name
  • Account Name
  • Endpoint Name
  • Endpoint Type
  • Container
  • Locked
  • Suspended


The first 5 fields are strings that come from the IM LDAP, the last 2 are HTML code that pull data from the endpoint when the user selects the user account and clicks on the Refresh Accounts button in the search results screen.


I'd like to add another field/column to display the endpoint account's AD accountID attribute: how do I do that?  I presume it would have to be dependent on the Refresh Accounts button, like the Locked and Suspended fields of style HTML, because it would have to query the endpoint for the data, and the user may have more than one AD endpoint account across one or more endpoints.


07-16-2015 11:35 AM

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