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Prioritize new ticket creation over updates and close in Service Desk gateway probes

Last activity 12-19-2016 09:23 AM
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08-22-2016 08:26 AM

Hi CA Unified Infrastructure Management Community,


Situation: CA Unified Infrastructure Management is integrated with one of the supported Service Desks via the corresponding gateway probe. The gateway probe reads from an alarm queue that is configured for assigned, updates and close alarms. When there is a high volume of updates as is often the case based on how often you poll the gateway probes will fall behind resulting in a backlog in the queue.


If your escalation system is based on your integration to the incident management Service Desk newly assigned alarms to create tickets will also slow down resulting in delayed escalation and an increase in mean time to repair. This is BAD as the updates to the tickets are not as important as creating the new tickets. The only current option to prevent this is to disable the updates but then you lose the either the severity changes or the incident priority changes depending on your configuration.


Request: Prioritized newly assigned alarms for incident creation so that there is no delay in escalation. Alternatively, make the gateway probes specifically the nsdgtw and sdgtw probes fast enough so there is no backlog at high volumes of updates.