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Add transactions processed by Message Driven Beans to Team Center

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05-26-2020 12:17 PM

​Currently transactions that are processed by Message Driven Bean EJBs are not available in the map or as experience cards in Team Center, despite them being a front end for asynchronous message processing.  Team Center shows HTTP based traffic and EJBs as frontends, but there is no way for MDB performance to be triaged in Team Center as the sampled transactions do not show up.

Agents that have only MDBs do not appear in the map at all and there are no filters available that would allow for their selection in the map or as experience cards.

For customers that have a large asynchronous messaging workload, this is a gaping hole in their ability to monitor their application performance.  For applications that co-ordinate their business transactions across web services, asynchronous messaging, and/or web based traffic, the ability to monitor is incomplete.